Win From Within

We champion the many, rather than the elite

Most clubs are centred around a flagship team. Their goal is to win big in whatever division that they enter. The problem is, the coach’s desire to win at all costs is often at the expense of the majority.

Like any true leader should, we aim to motivate players intrinsically (from within) rather than with shouting or threatening. We preach a player-centred approach that concentrates on the desires of each athlete individually.

Intuitive and independent players

We employ a system of coaching using grids. It enables coaches of any level to break down complex skills into manageable layers, taking individuals that have never played before and empowering them to become effective team players.

We preach a philosophy of basketball that aims to foster intelligent, considerate coaches that put the on and off court needs of our players first.

Positive, game-orientated coaching

For players not used to a high level of coaching, the Grid system provides an easy area in which to work and focus on particular skills.

The teaching of each skill is broken down into layers, giving our coaches a clearly defined process for teaching and a more flexible system that allows players to progress at their own pace, depending on their skill level.

The Grid effectively simulates team or game play whilst keeping as many participants active simultaneously as possible. The system was authored by coach J W Walsh.


Sound like fun?